How to Survive the Switch to Google Universal App Campaigns


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Google UAC bid types
Google UAC budget best practices
Google UAC creative assets

Learn about the different bid types available in Google UAC, and the best use cases for each.

Get our best practices to setting the appropriate bid and daily budget.

Understand how to make the most of the creative assets, reporting and optimization.

What will this eBook cover?

A comprehensive guide to implementing and optimizing Google's Universal App campaigns to drive app installs and engagement.

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By leveraging Bamboo's marketing expertise, Google's Universal App campaigns gave us quality growth in high LTV users across platform at a lower CPA than our company target.

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With the November 15th migration of all app campaigns from AdWords to Google UAC, this eBook will help you understand how they work and how to best leverage them to drive business value.

What are Google Universal App campaigns?
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